White Kaiman UV-A 5-Watt Bug Zapper with Electric Bulb

Everyone wants to enjoy trouble-free sleep at night, but we all have some common enemies in the form of those annoying mosquitoes. Whenever we try to sleep at night after spending a long hectic day, they start buzzing around. That is why most of the homeowners these days are looking for some trustworthy solution to get rid of these pests.

Well, we advise you to invest on White Kaiman Bug Zapper that can be used indoors and outdoors as well. This latest bug zapper model is loaded with plenty of attractive features; you can find them in this detailed review below.

Incredible Features of Bug Zapper:

If you are looking for one of the most reliable and handy solutions to deal with the annoying bugs and mosquitoes, we advise you to check this latest product from White Kaiman. It is loaded with plenty of amazing features that are listed below:

  • Powerful Electric Shock Grid:

This bug zapper comes with a covered electric bulb that spreads bright UV attractant light. The shocking electric grid further helps to kill the captured hornets, wasps, flies, gnats, moths and many other pests. It means you can easily get rid of all your buzzing enemies while sleeping outdoors.

  • Wide Coverage:

This latest model from White Kaiman is designed to cover an open space of around 500 sq ft. It ensures adequate coverage for a bbq area, living room, kitchen, den and patio as well. Hence, you can plan your outdoor BBQ parties with ease.

  • Noise Free:

You will be happy to hear that this bug zapper promises noise-free performance when it is operated in the standard mode; however, small light zippering sound can be observed when it is used to kill the bugs. Experts reveal that this bug zapper is an ideal solution for distracting bugs in the indoor areas where you may need a quieter operation.

  • LED Light Bulb:

This unit is designed with standard LED light to ensure perfect illumination so that most of the bugs from the surrounded area can be attracted. The existing threading fits almost every standard size light fixture. It means you can use this Zapper bulb anywhere without requiring any additional wiring or installations.

  • Chemical Free:

The best thing to know about this bug zapper is that it is a non-toxic, pollution-free and chemical-free solution for your home. The manufacturers at White Kaiman do not use any kind of poison, pesticides, or chemicals for operation.


  • Comes with bright UV attractant light.
  • Powerful shocking grid to kill variety of bugs and insects.
  • Chemical free and pollution free solution.
  • Available in two colours: black and white.


  • Not yet found.


If you are looking for a reliable solution to deal with the bugs indoors as well as outdoor, this White Kaiman bug zapper can serve your needs better. It is designed with plenty of advanced features to ensure full comfort to the users. You can place an order for this affordable and feature-rich bug zapper online to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.

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