White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp for Outdoors Review

No one like to get surrounded by mosquitoes. Not just because they produce annoying humming sounds, but they can also cause disease and blisters.

Those who love to sleep or spend time in the patio or the backyard may call these bugs and insects their biggest enemies. Well, some creative manufacturers around the world care about your peace and resting hours. And in order to serve your needs, they have designed some powerful mosquito killers.

Here we are going to talk about the top-notch electric mosquito killer from White Kaiman. This Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp is designed to serve your outdoor sleep hours and evening family gatherings. It is believed to be an efficient, safe, effective and affordable solution for your household.

Those who are planning to buy a mosquito killer to get rid of these annoying insects might be interested to know more about this product before making an investment. Well, here you will find a detailed review for White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp. This information may help you make a confident purchase decision.

Incredible Features of White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp:

White Kaiman is the most trusted brand in the competitive market of mosquito killer products. They have launched many effective and efficient bug zappers within the past few years to serve audience needs. This bug killer is designed with a few advanced features that can enhance your overall experience. Below we have listed a few amazing features of this high-grade mosquito killer:

  • Study Stainless Steel Design:

One of the best things to know about this bug killer is that it is made up of sturdy and durable stainless-steel material. You will find this product very reliable choice for backyard, fishpond, fields, vegetable gardens, and camping sites as well. In short, this sturdy mosquito killer can accompany you everywhere to serve your needs while ensuring complete peace from annoying bugs.

  • Solar Powered Lamp with Powerful Battery:

This bug killer is loaded with a 360-degree LED light which is powered by a 1 WP solar panel. It means you can avoid the mess of wires and enjoy a convenient solution for your outdoor needs. When fully charged, this solar-powered mosquito killer can serve you for more than 40 hours. The amazing fact is that it can charge fully just with a 5-hour direct exposure of sunlight. However, manufacturers have also included an AC adapter as an alternative solution to charging.

  • Multi-Purpose Mosquito Killer:

The manufacturers at White Kaiman are determined enough to ensure full customer satisfaction with added convenience. That is why they have added a sensor unit to this bug zapper. When the lantern is placed outdoor, the UV light turns on automatically whenever it senses the dark environment around. As soon as this mode is turned on, this bug zapper starts repelling insects in the surrounding area. Furthermore, manufacturers have also added a toggle switch to this product that allow easy changes in functionality. By pressing this switch, you can turn on the standard cold white LED lantern and use it to illuminate your way in the garden during dark hours.

  • Powerful Bug Killing Grid:

This highly efficient and eco-friendly insect repeller can help you get rid of all kind of annoying insects, including fruit flies, flies, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. This powerful big killing grid works more efficiently when hanged at the height of 32 to 48 inches from the ground. It works with 365NM mosquito attractant wavelength and ensures 30 to 80 meters coverage in the surrounding area. By turning on this powerful bug zapper, you can definitely enjoy a relaxing and calming sleep under the stars.

  • Waterproof and Durable:

As already highlighted, this bug zapper is made up of high-quality stainless-steel material. The photocatalyst tube used to design this mosquito killer ensure a long-life service; it may last up to 10 years. You will be happy to hear that this product is safe to use with pets and children around. Furthermore, the waterproof lid of this lantern makes it useful in the rainy weather as well. You can rely on its incredible performance with a waterproof and durable finish.


  • No wires needed; it works with solar power.
  • AC adaptor included in the package as an alternative option for charging.
  • Auto sensor unit that turns the bug zapper on when it goes dark outside.
  • Toggle switch to turn on the cold white light of the lantern.
  • Durable and sturdy stainless-steel construction.
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly design.
  • Designed with a powerful bug-killing grid.
  • Powerful battery unit that can serve you for around 40 hours.
  • Takes lesser time for charging; only 5 hours in direct sunlight.


  • Little bit expensive but offers full value for money.


If you love spending evening hours in the garden and the backyard during the peak summer season; you may be looking for a reliable solution to deal with the bugs. Well, this solar-powered mosquito killer is designed to serve your needs. It has all the advanced features that ensure enhanced functionality with convenient operations. The stainless-steel finish can help you enjoy long life service from this mosquito killer. This product has been already used by unlimited customers, and they are completely satisfied and happy with the performance.

The professional teams at White Kaiman are ready to offer full customer support for this product. If you find any trouble after purchase, they may help you to find an adequate and quick solution for that. In order to avail all these amazing benefits, it is good to buy this White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer for your household needs. It is safe to use with children and pets as well; hence, you will find it the most reliable alternative for your family time in the backyard or garden. It is good to place an order online to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. Soon you will be able to enjoy worry-free outdoor moments with family.

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