White Kaiman Bug Zapper You Need to Buy For Mosquito-Free Nights

Probably you are one of those people who love to sleep under the stars in the peak summer season. But the annoying mosquitoes never let us have peaceful hours at night. Don’t worry! Here we are going to talk about one of the most reliable and handy solutions for mosquito-free nights. White Kaiman has launched an automatic bug zapper to ensure worry-free nights with healthy sleep hours.

Although the market is loaded with many feature-rich bug zappers, this product has few additional advantages to offer. You should go through the detailed review below to know more about White Kaiman Bug Zapper.

Incredible Features of White Kaiman Bug Zapper:

The outdoor bug zapper is required to kill all the annoying flying pests in the hot season. But this is not the only job; the best type of zapper must be loaded with some advanced features that can ensure more comfort to the users.

  • Extremely high-powered zapper:

This zapper can help you kill all the buzzing mosquitoes instantly with its high powered 4000-volt electric grid. Once you install this amazing zapper, the flying pests cannot annoy you anymore. Experts recommend it the best choice for the peak summer season.

  • Automatic ON-OFF Sensor:

It is one of the most effective mosquito killers in the market with a built-in light sensor. This unique feature makes it stand ahead of all the competitors in the market. The light sensor makes sure that the bug zapper turns on automatically when it goes dark outside, and it turns off in the morning. It means you need not to worry about the timers. However, if you are still interested in using the timer, the package comes with a special cover for the sensor so that you can use the zapper independently.

  • Lager area coverage:

This White Kaiman bug zapper is designed to ensure 1500 sq feet coverage to make the area free from pests and mosquitoes. This coverage is suitable for the patio and deck area where you can spend worry-free nights with family. The best part is that it is not so noisy; but yes, loud enough to make sure that it is working. It is never going to disturb your sleep quality.


  • Automatic On/Off with a built-in light sensor.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor needs.
  • High power solution to deal with annoying bugs.
  • Can cover a wide area up to 1500 sq. Ft.
  • Cover for light sensor included in the package.


  • A little bit expensive but worth buying.


Those who are interested in enjoying bug-free sleep at night or wishing to organize an evening party with family in the backyard, this amazing product from White Kaiman can serve your needs better. You can buy this product online and ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. It can serve you for years with its durable finish and handy design. Its automated switching system and powerful bug zapper mechanism can promise complete relief from mosquitoes.

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