White Kaiman Bug Zapper with Waterproof Lamp

Are you looking for a small bug zapper that can help you get rid of bugs and mosquitoes? Probably you have spent many sleepless nights due to these annoying insects, and now you want to kill them all.

Well, White Kaiman Bug Zapper can help you enjoy comfortable and disturbance-free sleeping experience at night. However, some of you might be interested to know more about its features before making a final purchase.

Don’t worry! Here you will find a detailed review on White Kaiman Bug Zapper and this information may help you invest money on this zapper with more confidence.

Incredible features of White Kaiman Bug Zapper:

Below we have highlighted a few essential features of White Kaiman Bug Zapper:

  • Waterproof Finish:

The most awesome thing to know about this bug zapper is the waterproof coverage that allows users to hang it indoors and outdoors as well. The package comes with a hanging hook and a long 1-meter plug so that you can hang it at the most suitable place. However, it also works fine when placed on the tabletop.

  • Wide Coverage:

This bug zapper from White Kaiman is designed to cover the estimated space of 500 sq ft so that all the flying mosquitoes and pests can be killed. This coverage range is suitable for a small yard, patio, or the outdoor deck area. You can ensure complete comfort for the entire family during evening gatherings in the backyard.

  • Extremely High-Power Grid:

It is possible to kill most of the bugs and mosquitoes using this amazing high-power grid that works with 4000-volt capacity. It can kill all the flying pests that come within its range. Furthermore, the 7 Watt UVA replaceable bulb promises the maximum lifecycle of 8000 to 10000 hours.

  • Quality Assured:

Another important thing to know about this bug zapper is that the quality of this product is assured by White Kaiman. They are quite confident about the performance of this bug zapper. In case if you don’t like it, they are ready to offer 30 days full value back. But the existing users reveal that it is truly amazing, and you will never find a reason to return it.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor needs.
  • Wider coverage area.
  • Waterproof finish.


  • Little bit expensive.


Although you may find many bug zappers in the market, this amazing product from White Kaiman has proven its edge over all competitors. It is loaded with all amazing features that can help you enjoy the trouble-free performance for several years ahead. This bug zapper is designed to kill all kind of annoying pests at your home, and it can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

Manufacturers have included the hanging arrangement into the package; however, it works fine when placed on the tabletop as well. You can place an order for this bug zapper online to ensure a truly amazing and relaxing sleeping experience in the peak summer season.

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