White Kaiman 2-in-1 Outdoor/Indoor Bug Zapper

The summer season has finally arrived. Some of you might be eager to spend a few memorable hours in the backyard with the family. But the biggest challenge is to deal with those pesky bugs.

Well, the experienced and creative manufacturers at White Kaiman are ready to make your summer season more peaceful and worry-free. They have designed a 2-in-1 bug zapper to serve your outdoor needs. However, those who are interested to know more about this product are advised to go through the detailed review below.

Incredible Features of White Kaiman 2-in-1 Outdoor Bug Zapper:

This bug zapper is loaded with plenty of amazing features, few of them are listed below:

  • Powerful Grid:

This outdoor bug zapper is designed to attract flying insects from a wider area of 45 square meters. This mosquito killer with LED lamp works perfectly for a variety of insects and bugs flying around your home so that you can enjoy quality time with family outdoors. The strong 1000V grid can help you eliminate insects instantly.

  • Dual Function:

This bug zapper is designed to work in two different modes; either it can be used as a 3W bug zapper or a lantern with 2W bulb. Manufacturers have added two touch-sensitive buttons to this unit for instant activation of the desired mode. It is also possible to use both modes simultaneously. Also, there are three modes for light as flashing, dimmed and bright; users can switch between them with ease.

  • Rechargeable Zapper:

White Kaiman 2-in-1 Bug Zapper uses total 5W consumption between lantern and bug-killing light. With this lower energy requirement, the mosquito light can work for around 10 hours, whereas lantern can work for 20 hours with one-time charging. When both are powered together, it ensures total service of 8 hours. It is possible to recharge this bug zapper using Micro USB cable.

  • Ultra-Portable and Waterproof:

The overall weight of this bug zapper is 0.4 LB only; hence, it can be easily carried between different rooms and outdoor area as well. The built-in hook makes it easier to hang outdoors so that annoying bugs can stay away. You will be happy to hear that it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor needs. The best part is that this product comes with IP44 waterproof rating so that you can use it conveniently in gardens, campsite, office, home and backyard as well.


  • Two modes of operation: lantern and bug zapper.
  • Portable solution with a USB charger.
  • Waterproof and reliable.
  • 3 modes of light: flashing, dimmed and bright.
  • Can be hung or placed on any horizontal surface.


  • Light is not too bright.


If you are looking for an easy to use and efficient bug zapper, it is good to invest in this amazing product from White Kaiman. You can use this waterproof mosquito killer solution indoors and outdoors as well. Its dual-mode operation proves it a reliable choice for families. Prefer to place an order online to get it delivered fast at your doorstep.

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