How to Choose the Best Mosquito Swatter to Keep You Fly-Free

We all know how annoying it is when you are doing a fun outdoor activity with the family, such as camping or eating outside while on vacation, only to have the fun drain away when you are constantly bothered and bitten by bugs. You know what you need – a fly swatter – but you’ve tried the little plastic ones, and they don’t kill a thing.

So, how do you choose a mosquito swatter that doesn’t require you to have cat-like reactions? Here are the 4 things your new fly swatter needs to have.

1. Mesh Electric Grid

You’ve tried the little plastic swatters, and while you may scare the flies momentarily, they come right back. You need something that is sure to kill those pesky insects in one swat – without having to hit them hard. That is why you need to choose a fly swatter that will zap the bugs with an electric grid.

Our Bug Zapper Racket uses a 4000-volt electric grid to provide maximum zapping power that is highly effective for instantly killing flies, mosquitos, beetles, gnats, wasps, spiders, and any other pesky bugs in one swat. You don’t need to be concerned about safety either, as our electric mesh grid is made up of three layers. The two outer layers are purely for your protection, safeguarding you from a shock, and only the bugs can touch the middle mesh which is the electrified layer.

2. LED Light

The reason why plastic swatters don’t work is the only thing the bugs are attracted to are you. Your new swatter needs something that is going to attract the nearby bugs to the swatter. Having an LED spotlight built into the zapper is great for this, and it also helps you to find, attract, and kill the bugs in a dark environment. Our Bug Zapper Racket has a small LED spotlight that can be turned on with the push of a button to draw in the bugs to you and it can actually be fun zapping them!

3. Detachable and Rechargeable Flashlight

If you’re outdoors when it is dark, one thing you will want to have is a flashlight, but they are so easy to forget. Our Bug Zapper Racket has a flashlight built into the detachable handle, where the battery is held, which is completely separate from the LED attraction light. You can use this light as an extra flashlight while you’re outside, or stand it a little way from you to attract bugs away from you in the evenings.

4. A Long-Lasting Battery

The final thing you want to look for in a fly swatter is a long battery life, especially if you are going for an outdoor adventure, away from any electricity sources. One that is rechargeable through a USB is best, as it can easily be charged in the car or around the house and is more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly than batteries.

Our Bug Zapper Racket comes with a durable lithium battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh that powers both the zapper and the flashlight and has a long battery life. When you eventually do need to put life back into the battery, and therefore the flashlight, it is quickly recharged to full in just 30 mins using the included micro-USB cord, although any will do, all you have to do is give the handle a twist to remove it and plug it in wherever you are.

Choosing the right fly swatter is so important for having comfortable and enjoyable outdoor adventures. With the White Kaiman Electric Fly Swatter Racket, you can enjoy every trip to the great outdoors. Click here to see more about our Bug Zapper Racket

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